Leopard Shift Dress

It’s hard editing these pictures and putting these posts together now that I am back in Rexburg. I just miss the Sacramento sun so much! I literally drove my car for 15 seconds to the mailbox the other day because I didn’t want to try and cross my apartment complex that is currently covered in a thick sheet of ice. Lazy or genius? I say the second ūüėČ

Spring time is almost upon us and this dress is perfect for spring and summer! It is made of a super lightweight fabric that won’t be too heavy when the temperature starts to heat up. I am a sucker for leopard print so I knew this dress would be perfect! I wanted to add a little something to give it more shape and this belt adds a great touch, not too skinny but not too thick either. ¬†I am a firm believer that a belt can help any outfit look amazing! If you haven’t heard of JunieBlake before you need to click the link below! My friend Jules sells their modest clothes and can hook you up! They also make little girl clothes too which are adorable. Check out her page below!

oxox Sydney

Dress: c/o JUNIEblake with Jules | Belt: Similar | Shoes: Similar



I love neon colors because they always make me look tanner than I really am. I am super pale right now still but look darker than I am in real life in this outfit, score! ¬†Today’s look is so fun and girly. I love these¬†bell skirts¬†and was so happy when I found this one at Francesca’s because it is actually long enough for me! Continue reading “Neon”

Olive Ave

Here is another amazing outfit from Olive Ave! You know I love a pop of color but my favorite thing here are these moto¬†jeans. ¬†I have seen these around ¬†a lot and can confirm that they are SUPER comfy! They have a lot of stretch to them and feel more like leggings to me. ¬†If you haven’t tried these out you seriously need to at least try them, they are amazing! I love how comfy they are and that they add a little bit of flair to your outfit, more so than regular jeans would. Continue reading “Olive Ave”

Dark Floral

Hello everyone! ¬†I hope you have been having an amazing week! ¬†I feel like I have been so jam packed with different last minute things that I have had no time to blog. ¬†But I am back and ready to share tons of really cute things that I have found! Continue reading “Dark Floral”

Floral Skirt

Hello all! This week I was able to participate in another¬†AMAZING shoot with Liam’s Loft! ¬†Seriously guys, there are a ton of cute things coming your way. ¬†This skirt is the comfiest, super soft and stretchy, which is something that is key for me when I am shopping! Continue reading “Floral Skirt”

Pop of Pink

Happy Friday! ¬†This has been a super long week and I for one am really excited to have a mellow weekend. ¬†But do you ever feel like all you¬†want to do is relax and it seems like a bunch of things just pop up and it turns¬†crazy again? ¬†I feel like that is the story of my life sometimes! So here’s to at least hoping for a relaxing weekend! Continue reading “Pop of Pink”