Happy Monday! Less than a week until Christmas! I have to admit that Christmas came for Houston and I a little early this year…we did a mini Christmas with just us yesterday before we make the drive to Sacramento to spend some time with our families. I really just could not wait any longer because I knew what was on my Christmas list and was just so eager to get it! It was a fun day, and even better now that we have a small break in-between semesters!  Continue reading “Mauve”

Dark Days

Winter is here and we have entered into what I fondly refer to as “the dark days” because I am not a snow lover (I probably mention this about 3 times a day) and when I can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt outside it is not good! Today’s look is a really cute, low key look that anyone can rock when it’s cold.  I love this plaid shirt because it is short sleeved! So perfect for the summer (but waayyyy too cold to show you right now!) And of course I have to rock the moto jeggings again because they are the best.  And these black ones are so great! As always details are below. Continue reading “Dark Days”

Younique Review

I am always on the hunt for great makeup and love trying out new brands! I am sure that you have heard of Younique Cosmetics, the brand that is all over Facebook and has that amazing “Photoshop in a bottle” foundation. Well I am testing some of their popular items and giving you my real opinion of them! So keep reading to see if this brand is all that the reps make it out to be. Continue reading “Younique Review”

Beanie Weather (Giveaway)

Well with the colder weather coming in this has been my go to accessory! I have never really been a beanie kind of a girl (Houston got me a beanie last year and that was my first one ever.  Houston had to help me get this one on too because I just did not know how beanies were supposed to be worn (I know so lame!). How cute is the little puff ball on the end of this hat?! It is so so so cute! Whenever I wear it I can feel it bobbing around on the top of my head, I just think it is such a fun accessory to have! Continue reading “Beanie Weather (Giveaway)”

Holiday Skirt

I have never been big into dressing up for the holidays, Christmas is usually when I dress up in the new clothes that I have gotten that day.  But this year I have changed that way of thinking and have found so many cute things that work for everyday life and double as something you can wear all throughout the holiday season to be a little extra festive!   Continue reading “Holiday Skirt”

The Pink Maxi

I am so so so lucky to be able to do what I love and to be able to work with so many amazing people! I seriously love being able to meet new people and work with them, and love it even more when these collaborations are just magical. I was able to collaborate with MauLoa Floral Design and Emily Russel Photography to make this photo magic happen and it is safe to say I am totally obsessed with this shoot! It came out so dreamy and beautiful, I wish I could do this everyday!  Continue reading “The Pink Maxi”

Sparkle and Shine

I have been MIA but it’s for a good reason! Houston and I have finally moved into our new apartment! We have known we were going to be moving for a while but when it finally creeps up on you things just get so crazy and hectic no matter how much you try to prepare.  Needless to say having to work and go to class and clean the old apartment and move into the new one made for a hectic day. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to our first apartment together but we have been wanting an apartment that was not as expensive so this one was an answer to our prayers.  Can’t wait to get to decorating and organizing more, the best part of moving somewhere new! Continue reading “Sparkle and Shine”


With the chilly mornings and the warmer (sort of) afternoons this jacket is a must have for the changing temperatures! I have never owned a bomber jacket like this so I had fun being able to style it! I was feeling matchy matchy and casual so I threw on my comfy jeans and added my favorite print (can’t go wrong with leopard!) and I was good to go! I only own like….2 o r 3 pairs of flat shoes.  So long nights of doing homework on campus or running errands around town calls for this outfit! I love this color too because you can throw it over anything and it looks amazing.  And don’t even get me started on the quilted pattern, I have been so obsessed with it! At only $20 this jacket is such a steal! Check it out now! Continue reading “Bomber”

Wood Watches and Lace

Hello all! I have been a little MIA lately but I promise that I have been working on some amazing things with some great brands! If you want to stay up to date on all the action you can follow me on Instagram HERE! I tend to update Instagram a little more often than the blog.  Plus I love using the Instagram stories so you get a little snapshot into everyday life with me 🙂 Continue reading “Wood Watches and Lace”