Sweater Weather and A Giveaway

Hello hello! Welcome back! My mind is already on Spring and hopeful thinking that Idaho will have warm temperatures again (very wishful thinking on my part!) It has been FREEZING cold here with a whole week that was just -1 to -29 with windchill. It was so bad that one of our cars just refused to turn on so it was fun trying to use one car between the two of us for work and school but we made it through and when it finally warmed up to 20 degrees the car gave in and started for us. Needless to say its been a rough start of the semester for us! We are only on week two and I already want it to be over with!  Continue reading “Sweater Weather and A Giveaway”

Add Some Burgundy

As you can probably tell by the title this post is all about adding some rich color to an outfit.  But not only is it about that but it’s also about showing you how you can wear your favorite summer pieces in the fall by adding those rich colors! Continue reading “Add Some Burgundy”

Maggie Jay Stripes

Hello lovelies! Today’s post features this perfect striped top from a super cute new boutique called Maggie Jay Clothing.  They have beautiful modest clothes that make it so easy to look elegant and stylish without having to alter anything to make it work for you. Guys, they have some dresses that make me swoon! Not only are they pretty and flattering they are also under $40, such a steal for a great dress! Continue reading “Maggie Jay Stripes”