Baby Things I Bought (So Far!)

As a new expecting mom I feel like I have been doing tons of research to try and find the things that are across the board must haves for a newborn. I have been watching a ton of videos, asking friends and family, and have my top 5 things that we have bought so far that everyone has said are perfect to have when bringing home a newborn.

  1. Halo Bassinet

I knew that we were going to want some kind of bassinet in our room for a safe way to co-sleep. Our room is also pretty cozy so we don’t have a ton of room for something big and bulky. Enter the Halo bassinet. This bassinet had great reviews, it is sturdy and the base is spread out enough that there isn’t a risk of it tipping over. Our bed is tall so we needed something that could adjust in height so that I could easily pull him out of the bassinet without getting out of bed a bunch of times. I love that the side of this bends down for easy access to getting him in and out easily. The swivel is also perfect for being able to maneuver the bassinet around to get around it, something important in a small room! The features like a small night light and vibrations also seem like they will come in handy. This is a pricier item but they have different models that are less expensive! We have the mid tier one. I actually got ours from Facebook marketplace for over $100 off the retail price, so I highly recommend looking there first! We found ours in brand new condition and are so happy that we went with that route.

2. Freshly Picked Swaddles

These are a newer product but I am really excited about them. They are supposed to be an easier way to quickly get your baby swaddled and it helps them to stay swaddled because of the mini “baby straight jacket” on the inside of the blanket. I am all for making my job as a new mom easier with something like this, and it will make it easier on Houston too. Win win! The blanket it comes with has velcro too and is ultra soft. I got the plaid and grey swaddles, perfect staple colors. TIP: Sign up for their monthly program! You pay $10 but that money goes right back to your account so you can use it on your purchase and you get 20% off. You can also cancel anytime, it is totally worth it.

3. Dock A Tot

I was really torn on the Dock a Tot vs the Snuggle me because so many people love one or the other. I decided to go with the Dock a Tot after I did an instagram poll and 90% of the moms that responded preferred this one. From what I read I also think that this will be able to last a little longer than the Snuggle Me will because the center is roomier. the only downside is that it does not fit in the Halo all snug like the Snuggle Me would, but I don’t think that will be a huge problem since it is meant to be a lounger. Again, this was another Facebook find! A ton of people sell their new or gently used baby gear on Facebook and you can find stuff that is in great condition for a fraction of the cost.

4. A Dresser Instead of Changing Station

This was something that a lot of people recommended, instead of doing a traditional changing station use the top of the dresser as the changing station. This may seem like a no brainer but it really does make a difference in the amount of storage you are able to have in the room. Our house lacks a ton of storage space so this allows us to really be able to be organized and find a place for everything for our new little man. We already had our dresser and are planning on getting the Skip Hop changing pad to put on top, another highly recommended item that is easy to clean and looks great!

5. Diapers and Wipes (Bulk)

This may seem a little soon to do but honestly, its 2020, anything could happen and being prepared is the most important thing! I remember moms in my community saying that they couldn’t find diapers or wipes for their babies because the shelves were all empty. So we decided to be on the safe side and buy one Costco pack of diapers and one pack of wipes,


Okay so I have not received these in the mail yet but I think the idea is super cool and I have heard great reviews on them! These magnetic clothes are perfect for an easy nighttime outfit. Everyone agreed, no snaps or button, zippers can be loud, but the magnetic front closure was perfect. I am super excited to get them and test them out because the idea is so cool to me!

We are just getting started prepping for baby boys arrival and I am still doing a ton of research to find the right things for us so stay tuned for more recommendations. If you have any baby must haves leave them below!

I’m Pregnant! – First Trimester Recap

I’m going to be honest, I feel like the first trimester for me was ROUGH. I for sure was not the pregnant woman who everyone said was glowing, more like barely keeping it together everyday! But I thought I would share a recap of my experience, how we found out, and some of the details from these first months. Head below for the details!

How We Found Out

I think I knew pretty quick when my period was a day late that I was pregnant, but Houston suggested that we give it a good week before we went and bought pregnancy tests. I had been tracking my cycles through the Flo app once I had gotten off birth control and so I knew the day or roughly the time frame that I should have gotten my period again and it just wasn’t coming. My chest was also really sore as well which isn’t a common period symptom with me, but I tried to not get ahead of myself and waited a full week after the day that I was supposed to start to take the test. I always envisioned telling Houston in a creative way or surprising him but we ended up going and picking up the tests and finding out together, which was perfect for us! I think that we were both surprised at the word “pregnant” when we flipped the test over because we really had only started “trying” for about two months. But regardless of time we were both so excited! I was only about 5 weeks so we decided to keep it our little secret together and wait a bit longer to tell our families.

Telling my side of the family! They were so shocked!

How I Felt

Honestly so far the first trimester has been the hardest so far! While I wasn’t throwing up constantly (tmi?) I was nauseous. All. Day. Long. It didn’t make eating hard it just made getting through the day that much more difficult. I didn’t know if my stomach was upset, if I was hungry, or if it was all in my head. I also started to get pretty constant headaches which is common I found out after talking with my doctor. I know that all sounds gloomy but I promise it gets better! Just know that if you feel like crap and want to sleep a lot, you are not alone, I was right there with you taking lunchtime naps and B12 to help my stomach calm down! I didn’t see a ton of body changes, for the longest time I just looked bloated or like I enjoyed a really filling dinner. We tried to get out for walks as much as we could but with the gyms closed it made it hard to get good workouts in. But we did what we could to get out of the house and get moving with the fatigue and nausea holding me back!

What I am Craving

I wouldn’t say that I have had any cravings up to this point, just the craving to eat! When I needed to eat I needed food right then or my stomach was going to be very upset. I had very intense hunger pains and coming from a very different eating schedule (I did intermittent fasting before getting pregnant) I was not used to feeling hungry right when I woke up in the morning. And I know you aren’t technically supposed to be a eating for two but I’m telling you, I was hungry all the time! I did want more carbs but honestly that’s normal for me, just decided to give in to that 😉

First Doctors Appointment

Waiting to get to that first doctors appointment was so tough! There was nothing more that I wanted than to see that first ultrasound with our little baby hanging out in my belly. But we had to wait until the 8 week mark until we could go and check up on things. Baby was doing great, had a super strong heartbeat and was the cutest little peanut I had ever seen! Houston was allowed to come to this appointment and it was really special to be able to see our baby on that screen together.

Prepping for Baby

I am already doing all the planning for the nursery and what we need when baby comes! Still deciding on some of the big items and making lots of lists for what a diaper bag needs, hospital bag, nursery items, and what to stock up on. It’s a little scary prepping for a baby during COVID but we are trying to prepare ourselves now as much as we can Incase another lockdown happens in the future.