Bright Endeavors Candle

Today’s post highlights a non-profit that does so much good for women and really makes a difference in our communities.  Bright Endeavors Candles is a business that employs young single mothers and teaches them the skill of candle making. I think that the following quote says it best:

“The social enterprise provides an opportunity for women to develop job skills, gain leadership and responsibility within a professional environment creating sustainable, premium soy candles. ”  Continue reading “Bright Endeavors Candle”


Sunday Best

Happy Sunday friends! Sundays are my favorite because we get to go to church and relax today, what could be better than that. Here is a little Sunday best post, I love a good chiffon shirt and printed skirt and think the combo here is so cute! This shirt is from the cute boutique Charming Chenille, when I say they have great prices I actually mean amazing because they have things that I normally see marked up $10-$15 more than what they are selling them for. Check them out and join their Facebook page to see when they have things for sale!  Continue reading “Sunday Best”

LBD and Burgundy

Black and burgundy has to be one of my favorite color combinations of all time.  I love how they both are dark (which matches my winter mood haha!) but the burgundy just adds such a richness that pairs together so well with the black! Plus, who doesn’t love a good LBD, everyone needs one.  This one is a body-con dress which I love so much as well, it just looks so good with everything! Continue reading “LBD and Burgundy”

White Floral

So it started snowing this week and this California girl is not too excited about it.  I love being able to be outside and go and enjoy warm weather so when it starts to snow I know that I am going to be cooped up in my apartment until its over with.  I am just so glad that i was able to wear this cute dress before it got bad! I think that half my closet is filled with floral dresses right now.  This one is great because it is perfect for the fall/winter season because it is 1. super soft, and 2. has these great long sleeves that make it great for when it is a little chilly out! And the waist has the cute cinching on it so it is super flattering! Continue reading “White Floral”

Wrap Coat and Thigh Highs

Hey all! I hope you are having such an amazing Thanksgiving full of good food and family time! I don’t know about you but I just love making big dinners like this, the left overs are yummy, you get to eat all day, and you get to relax on the couch after you eat everything in sight.  That is my kind of day! But what would Thanksgiving be without a good deal thrown in?! And for this deal you don’t have to go out of our house or miss family time at all, you can get it in about 2 minutes on your phone! Continue reading “Wrap Coat and Thigh Highs”

Beanie Weather (Giveaway)

Well with the colder weather coming in this has been my go to accessory! I have never really been a beanie kind of a girl (Houston got me a beanie last year and that was my first one ever.  Houston had to help me get this one on too because I just did not know how beanies were supposed to be worn (I know so lame!). How cute is the little puff ball on the end of this hat?! It is so so so cute! Whenever I wear it I can feel it bobbing around on the top of my head, I just think it is such a fun accessory to have! Continue reading “Beanie Weather (Giveaway)”