White Floral

So it started snowing this week and this California girl is not too excited about it.  I love being able to be outside and go and enjoy warm weather so when it starts to snow I know that I am going to be cooped up in my apartment until its over with.  I am just so glad that i was able to wear this cute dress before it got bad! I think that half my closet is filled with floral dresses right now.  This one is great because it is perfect for the fall/winter season because it is 1. super soft, and 2. has these great long sleeves that make it great for when it is a little chilly out! And the waist has the cute cinching on it so it is super flattering! Continue reading “White Floral”


It’s Black Friday time and I have another great deal for you! These joggers have changed my dressing game big time. Joggers are all over Pinterest and most of those who are wearing them have them all dressed up! I wanted to to be able to make these casual pants a little dressy too so I took the challenge.  Continue reading “Joggers”

Wrap Coat and Thigh Highs

Hey all! I hope you are having such an amazing Thanksgiving full of good food and family time! I don’t know about you but I just love making big dinners like this, the left overs are yummy, you get to eat all day, and you get to relax on the couch after you eat everything in sight.  That is my kind of day! But what would Thanksgiving be without a good deal thrown in?! And for this deal you don’t have to go out of our house or miss family time at all, you can get it in about 2 minutes on your phone! Continue reading “Wrap Coat and Thigh Highs”

Beanie Weather (Giveaway)

Well with the colder weather coming in this has been my go to accessory! I have never really been a beanie kind of a girl (Houston got me a beanie last year and that was my first one ever.  Houston had to help me get this one on too because I just did not know how beanies were supposed to be worn (I know so lame!). How cute is the little puff ball on the end of this hat?! It is so so so cute! Whenever I wear it I can feel it bobbing around on the top of my head, I just think it is such a fun accessory to have! Continue reading “Beanie Weather (Giveaway)”

Into The Woods

Houston and I did a little exploring over the weekend and found this fun spot near where he worked for a bit! I was a little afraid that this table was A. going to break, or B. there was something that was going to crawl out of the crevices and I do not do very well with creepy crawly things.  But all was well and I sat at the very furthest corner that I could. What a fun place to go though, it was so peaceful and I love being able to step away and not be around others people.  That sounds a little anti social… but you know what I mean! Continue reading “Into The Woods”

Holiday Skirt

I have never been big into dressing up for the holidays, Christmas is usually when I dress up in the new clothes that I have gotten that day.  But this year I have changed that way of thinking and have found so many cute things that work for everyday life and double as something you can wear all throughout the holiday season to be a little extra festive!   Continue reading “Holiday Skirt”

Moto Jeggings on Repeat

Happy Monday! I am feeling so refreshed and ready to go after this weekend.  Houston and I took it easy and just spent time together, we even went on a fun little hike in Rexburg up R Mountain.  We loved doing that, it is just so nice to be able to disconnect from the world and just do something together that wasn’t homework or work or something like that.  It was a great weekend!  Continue reading “Moto Jeggings on Repeat”