Younique Review

I am always on the hunt for great makeup and love trying out new brands! I am sure that you have heard of Younique Cosmetics, the brand that is all over Facebook and has that amazing “Photoshop in a bottle” foundation. Well I am testing some of their popular items and giving you my real opinion of them! So keep reading to see if this brand is all that the reps make it out to be.



So the biggest seller and the product that I see all over is their Liquid Foundation that is supposed to make your skin flawless without looking too cakey.  I always start off with a clean face when applying foundation and use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer to prep my skin. Then  I use the brush from Younique to apply it initially and then go in with the Morphe M439 brush to buff it out and make sure everything is smooth. I use a mix of Velour and Scarlet for my perfect match! On top of that I will apply a powder (I use Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals) and then add my contour and blush.  The final step in my face routine is to use a setting spray to top everything off and make sure that it stays put.

This foundation does live up to its name of covering every flaw without being too much.  It feels like there isn’t anything on your skin once you apply it, it blends out really nicely and I honestly forget that I put anything on my skin! I would compare the formula to the Dior foundation but it has a more full coverage look to it.  I highly recommend getting some setting spray and setting it with powder, it does tend to move if you haven’t locked it down. Also, be prepared to use a little more than just the five dots, I would go in again with five more dots so that I could get that full coverage look that I really like. So I would give it an 8/10 overall! It does feel weightless and offers a full coverage but you have to use more product and you need to be using primer and setting sprays/powders to make sure that it doesn’t move. Get it HERE.

Eye Palette


This eye palette has a lot of really gorgeous silvers and purples which I love! This palette was really great because the colors blended well and were super pigmented.  I did not have a problem with fall out or blending with it at all! And all the colors look so great together, this is an easy palette to take with you on a vacation and you won’t have to use another palette because this one can do so much! I give it a 10/10 because the colors are beautiful, they blend so well, and there is not a ton of fallout (which I have had with other palettes and trust me it makes make up application that much harder!) Get it HERE.



I am a lipstick lover, I need to always have a lipstick in my purse because I do not like bare lips! I have swatched this lip color below and loved how smooth and moisturizing the formula was.  It just glided on and looked so smooth, what more could you want in a lipstick?! 10/10 for this one! Get it HERE.

I hope that you enjoyed my review and I could help you out if you were on the fence about buying from them! If you have any questions you can direct them to my cute friend Brittany who is a distributor and she can help you with whatever you need! Advice, color matching, you name it! She is so helpful, she was totally able to help color match me and was totally accommodating. Hit her up for any help you need! Her website is linked here.

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