White Floral

So it started snowing this week and this California girl is not too excited about it.  I love being able to be outside and go and enjoy warm weather so when it starts to snow I know that I am going to be cooped up in my apartment until its over with.  I am just so glad that i was able to wear this cute dress before it got bad! I think that half my closet is filled with floral dresses right now.  This one is great because it is perfect for the fall/winter season because it is 1. super soft, and 2. has these great long sleeves that make it great for when it is a little chilly out! And the waist has the cute cinching on it so it is super flattering!

You can score this dress for only $21 right now from the boutique Charming Chenille! I have seen at other stores going for over $30, so this is a major steal! But you have to hurry, sales close on the 2nd! You can go to this direct link HERE to join her Facebook page and order it.  I have already gotten a few things from her because the prices are right and the clothes are too cute!

Also please excuse the frizzy hair, it was windy and that was an unfortunate side effect during this shoot 😦

Dress: c/o Charming Chenille | Shoes: Old (Similar)


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