Wrap Coat and Thigh Highs

Hey all! I hope you are having such an amazing Thanksgiving full of good food and family time! I don’t know about you but I just love making big dinners like this, the left overs are yummy, you get to eat all day, and you get to relax on the couch after you eat everything in sight.  That is my kind of day! But what would Thanksgiving be without a good deal thrown in?! And for this deal you don’t have to go out of our house or miss family time at all, you can get it in about 2 minutes on your phone!

Yup I am back again with the burgundy. I know, I am obsessed but this color is just so good! You do not want to miss today’s  deal because this coat is on sale and a total dupe for one that looks exactly the same at Nordstrom’s but is about $200 cheaper.  You’re welcome 😉 Liam’s Loft always comes through with great deals on the things that we want most and that will be in style for forever! You will have this coat for a long time, trust me, it will always be in style and the quality will be lasting as well.

I also have to point out how fun these boots are! I have always wanted thigh high boots and these ones from AMI Clubwear are so fun and unexpected. Although I think I will have to wear socks with them because my feet are so white! (oops!) As always details are below, and be sure to click the link to the jacket so you can be taken straight to it! Deals like this you won’t want to miss!

Jacket: c/o Liam’s Loft | Boots: AMI Clubwear


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