Beanie Weather (Giveaway)

Well with the colder weather coming in this has been my go to accessory! I have never really been a beanie kind of a girl (Houston got me a beanie last year and that was my first one ever.  Houston had to help me get this one on too because I just did not know how beanies were supposed to be worn (I know so lame!). How cute is the little puff ball on the end of this hat?! It is so so so cute! Whenever I wear it I can feel it bobbing around on the top of my head, I just think it is such a fun accessory to have!

Minx NY is a company that has the best accessories, including this hat! They have scarves, socks, booties, hats, and so much more.  We both love this hat so much that we have partnered together to give one away to one lucky winner!  Head on over to my profile on Instagram to enter, the rules are posted there.  In the mean time, you can get 10% off your purchase with the code SYDNEY10! This code is good until December 4th. I have linked some of my favorite products of theirs below to give you a little inspiration.  Remember that Christmas is coming up, they have so many things that make awesome gifts!

Don’t forget to head over to Instagram to enter the giveaway and check out my favorite items that they have on their site below!

Faves From Minx NY: Blanket Shawl | Booties | Baseball Hat | Slipper Sock | Knee Highs

Hat: c/o Minx NY | Coat: Michael Kors (Similar) | Extensions: Meraki Hair Extensions


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