Into The Woods

Houston and I did a little exploring over the weekend and found this fun spot near where he worked for a bit! I was a little afraid that this table was A. going to break, or B. there was something that was going to crawl out of the crevices and I do not do very well with creepy crawly things.  But all was well and I sat at the very furthest corner that I could. What a fun place to go though, it was so peaceful and I love being able to step away and not be around others people.  That sounds a little anti social… but you know what I mean!

I love a good pencil skirt and this one is unlike anything that I have in my closet! I love the plaid print, and since I don’t have a ton of plaid this one is my go to when I want to rock this print! You can never go wrong with a cute pencil skirt and a solid T-Shirt and this outfit proves it.  Throw on a statement necklace and you have yourself a stunner! You can get the details of this look in the links below 😉

Skirt: c/o NoVae Clothing | Shirt: c/o She Traveled | Necklace: Target (similar)


img_4215-1img_4260-1IMG_4238 (1).jpg

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