Three Wardrobe Must Haves

I feel like there are so many must haves for anyones wardrobe because there are so many things to choose from! Here are my top three things that I think every woman should own because they are timeless and look amazing.

  1. A Nice Leather Purse: This one to me is so important because I use purses everyday (Plus I miiiiiight have a slight obsession with purses!) I have learned that having one nice bag over many different cheap purses is the best way to go.  This purse is so amazing because it goes with everything and carries everything.  And when you treat them right, purses can last for forever! This amazing Coach purse was my birthday gift from my parents this year and I have been using it as my main purse since I have gotten it.  Having a nice purse that goes with everything also makes outfits and getting ready so much easier.  So trust me, saving up for a purse that is more expensive but better quality is the best thing that you can do! Remember that there are tons of outlets too where you can get designer bags for a great price.
  2. A Leather Jacket: I have had this same leather jacket for 5 years and it still looks as new as the day that I got it.  It is the perfect jacket to throw over anything, it is so timeless! A leather jacket will never go out of style and will last you FOREVER.
  3. Moto Jeggings: Now I know these might not be on everyone’s list but I am seriously obsessed with these leggings! They are thick enough to be more so considered pants but are stretchy enough to be leggings, and how cute are the details on the knees?! I wear these at least three times a week, I am tempted to just buy all of the colors that they offer so I can be good for the rest of my life.  Yes they are that good. Check out the details below!

Hat: c/o AMI Clubwear | Moto Jeggings: c/o Blondies Boutique | Jacket: Similar (extra 50% off!) | Purse: Coach


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