Add Some Burgundy

As you can probably tell by the title this post is all about adding some rich color to an outfit.  But not only is it about that but it’s also about showing you how you can wear your favorite summer pieces in the fall by adding those rich colors!

Take this dress for example.  I have been so obsessed with this dress and saw it all over Instagram all summer long! I loved it! I still totally love it, the movement of it is gorgeous and it has those dark colors that just look so amazing against the cream backdrop.  I am totally a sucker for high to low and this one is by far my favorite.  I loved wearing cute nude wedges with it or fun lace up flats.  But when winter comes and you want to justify wearing it in 40 degree weather (like me!) what are you going to pair it with to make it look fall and not summer?

Cue burgundy.  According to my mother this is one of the hottest colors of the season, and I can totally get on board with that! It is deep and rich and adds some color to any look. I paired this dress with a burgundy lip to match my heels, and am obsessed with the outcome! The resulting look is cool and sophisticated and dressy.  I would totally wear this to any function that requires a dressy look, it stands out against a sea of darker colors that we tend to move towards in the fall (totally guilty of this!). So before you write off your favorite summer pieces as only being summer appropriate, add some deep colors this season and see if you can make them last year round! Especially if it is my new favorite color burgundy 😉

You can check out Lizzie and Mae for this dress and other adorable clothes! I wish I could fill my whole closet with their stuff, it all is so easy and effortless and most importantly modest! No altering needed, you can just thrown on and go!

Dress: c/o Lizzie and Mae | Heels: Similar (and under $14!)


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