Geo Print Top

Happy Thursday! Am I the only one who feels like this week has gone by super fast?! Seriously, it has moved so quickly for me, maybe it’s because I have tons of stuff on order that I am waiting to get in the mail this week so I am willing it to go by quicker 😉

I feel like I have been talking about white jeans for forever and I finally got a pair that I am in love with! (They were super cheap too which is always a plus!)  And they are high waisted, which is a must for me because I don’t like the feeling that if I bend over in the slightest bit that I am going to have anything showing.  So high waisted for me is a must.  I have been loving them but still have the fear that I am going to spill on them or sit on something and then they will be ruined.  Anyone else feel like that with something you love? Especially when it is white??

I knew that I had to wear a fun top with these pants and this one was perfect for me to throw on and add some extra color to look.  I love top that are longer because the front tuck is a favorite look of mine! It looks fun and effortless and adds a little something to the outfit to spice things up.  You can snag this top for under $30 too (such a good deal!) This is my new go to outfit when I am in a rush and need to throw something on quickly.  I always reach for jeans, heels, and a statement top like this.  Do you have anything you reach for in your closet? Tell me what you go for below! Have a great rest of your week!!

Top: c/o Liam’s Loft | Jeans: Alloy | Shoes: Similar


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