DownEast Look 3

Looking back at this weekend I wish that it would have never ended! Last week was a tough week, Houston was working full time and still had school and it was hard for us to feel like we got everything we needed done.  Needless to say we were both a little stressed.  But on Friday we took some time for ourselves and went to a little fair in town.  It was the best date ever! We watched little kids riding lambs and had fair food, deep fried Oreo’s, and funnel cake.  It was totally a blast! It reminded me that sometimes we just have to take a step back and take some time for ourselves.  We still got all of the things done that we needed to and it totally changed the whole mood of our weekend.  I never wanted it to end!

Here is the last look in my three part blog segment with DownEast.  I love a good pencil skirt and the details on this are so fun and classy. I like pairing dressy with casual and I have been wearing this wifey shirt more since our 1 year anniversary is just a week away! I love the idea of having a shorter slip underneath the lace but this one is the only one that is a great modest length.  Nothing needs to be added, it is perfectly modest without adjusting anything.  As always, details of this look are below!

Skirt: c/o DownEast | Shirt: Similar | Shoes: DSW

IMG_2294 (1)IMG_2305 (1)IMG_2306 (1)IMG_2335 (1)IMG_2334 (1)IMG_2308 (1)IMG_2366 (1)IMG_2390 (1)IMG_2379 (1)IMG_2394 (1)IMG_2396 (1)

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