DownEast Look 1

Summer is quickly ending and I am so not ready for it to go! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and winter clothes so much.  But I feel like this summer has just passed me by and I didn’t get to fully enjoy it!  But now that I am realizing that fall is coming I am working hard to get those key transitional pieces to help me enjoy the change of weather while still being able to wear some of my favorite summer items.  

I just got these flare pants while we were vacationing in Tahoe and have been wearing them nonstop! They are so flattering and paired with some neutral wedges they make your legs look like they are miles long! To me this is the perfect summer look. I am totally loving that I will be able to wear this in the fall when the temperature cools down with the help of this cute jean jacket.  I love layering clothes, and being able to just add a jacket to this look helps to keep it the same without changing it too much.  You still get that cool vibe from it, and I think even more so by throwing on a jacket that makes the layering look effortless.

I have always been a fan of a good denim jacket and this one from DownEast is perfect! I love the color and that the fit cuts off right at my waist.  Some jackets get too much of an over-sized feel to them that makes them a little unflattering but this one tapers just how it needs to. It is great to throw over a dress or jumpsuit that you wore alone in the summer, I think that its such a great accessory to give the outfit a little more of a statement? More is more, right? And I can always go for more accessories!

Pants: Similar (and on sale for $15!) | Jacket: c/o DownEast | Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana   |  Shoes: Guess (on sale f0r $30!)IMG_1884 (1)IMG_1893 (9)IMG_1893 (8)IMG_1893 (7)IMG_1893 (4)IMG_1893 (3)IMG_1893 (2)IMG_1893 (1)IMG_1893 (11)

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