LipSense Review

Hello all! I know I have totally MIA but I am back and have TONS of amazing things to show you guys! Vacation was such a much needed break from reality, I already wish that we could go back.  We were in Sacramento for a couple of days and then headed to Tahoe for some lake and relaxing time.  Houston and I both are counting down the days until we can move back to California! (We graduate next April!)

But back to today’s post, I am giving you my review of a product that you have probably heard of before.  For me at least I feel like it is all over my Instagram feed: LipSense lipsticks.  This brand boasts of up to 18 hours of color with one application and is smudge free meaning that you will no longer have lipstick on your cup when you drink and you are free to kiss your husband with bright pink lips.  Here is my experience.

When I first tried this I read through the directions that were sent with my order carefully so I knew that I was doing everything correctly, when it comes to new products I am always sure to read through the directions so that nothing goes wrong, even if it seems pretty simple!

I have really chapped lips, so before I applied this I went through and scrubbed my lips off to make sure that I had a super smooth surface to apply the product on.  Then you are to shake the bottle and apply! I apply 2 coats letting each coat dry before applying the next Because my lips were freshly scrubbed they were a little raw, as gross as that sounds, so my first coat of the color stung when I applied it.  The coats after that were totally fine, but if you experience a burning feeling or if the product stings a little, don’t worry! That happened to me too the first time I applied it!

TIP: To make your product last longer on your lips, the company recommends not using chap stick with wax because their products are wax free.  I have been using coconut oil for about 2 weeks instead and it has totally changed my life! My lips are so much more hydrated and I have not had the burning from brushing my lips because I haven’t needed to.  I totally recommend trying the coconut oil, it has worked wonders for me!


When they say that this stuff doesn’t come off, it doesn’t come off.  I tried to rub it off, drinking some water to see if it would come off on the glass, and kissing my husband, all of these things did not work, that lipstick was not moving! I was testing it out on vacation when we were going to the beach, outlet shopping all day, and being out in the sun a lot and it held up beautifully.  The color that I have is a very natural looking red and is perfect for everyday wear! I love that it doesn’t look like too much or too out there, it is amazing for day to day.  The gloss is also so amazing.  It doesn’t feel sticky like some other glosses and makes your lips feel amazing.  This gloss is the best to use with the lipstick because it helps it to last longer.

As you can probably tell, I am obsessed.  This product it totally worth all of the hype and when you apply it correctly it lasts all day long.  I love adding the gloss as well to make the look really stand out look more polished.  Plus it helps to keep the color lasting all day as well.


I want to give a huge thank you to Kylie who is a Lipsense distributor and hooked me up with this color!  If you have any questions or want to try this for yourself you can order through her and get free shipping on your order! It is recommended to get the starter kit which comes with a color, gloss, and a lipstick eraser for easy touchups and removal.  You can also talk to her if you are interested in becoming a distributor yourself 😉

Have you tried Lipsense yet? What are your thoughts on it?

Lipsense: Kylie Cannon  (I am wearing Redwood with the Bougainvillea Gloss)

P.S Houston and I were at a work dinner the other day and I thought I would include a little #OOTD for ya. I love flowy dresses that are so easy and modest!

Dress: LuluBella (similar here)

Shoes: J. Crew Factory 

IMG_1722 (3)IMG_1731IMG_1746IMG_1715IMG_1717IMG_1718

12 thoughts on “LipSense Review

  1. This sounds like a singer’s dream product! We are supposed to wear “stage makeup” so we don’t “wash out” under stage lights and it is a real hassle to wear red lipstick and then have to carefully drink water etc. to keep our throats in optimum condition. So glad I was looking on your blog today! Just bought the floral maxi #birthdaydress and I’m SO excited! Thanks for all your great tips! ❤


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