Moto Leggings: 3 Ways to Style

How fun are these leggings?? When I first got these from Liam’s Loft and opened them up I was a little hesitant about how I was going to wear these. But when I put them on I instantly knew that I needed to channel my inner Gwen Stefani (who doesn’t love a little Gwen inspiration??).  I showed them to my mom and we both agreed that we could see her rocking out on stage in these.

Because they are a little more funky than other leggings I wanted to give you several different styling options so you can see how many ways you can style them, no matter what your personal style is!

PANTS: Liam’s Loft

Look 1: Simple and Girly

I love this look because it is simple and adds some girly touches to counteract the tough feel of the jeans.  These pink shoes add a pop of color and the big statement necklace make the all black outfit have some personality!

Necklace: J Crew (similar here)

Shoes:  J. Crew

Shirt: Nordstrom (similar here and under $15!!!)

IMG_1562IMG_1577IMG_1580IMG_1595 (1)IMG_1598IMG_1611IMG_1613

Look 2: Glam

This is my favorite styling option because it is so me! The cagey heels help to add some edge to the outfit without being overbearing, they blend in perfectly! I love pairing t-shirts with outfits like this because it adds an understated glam to the outfit when you pair it with something loud like this sequin cardigan.  This is such a great outfit for a night out or for a concert with a simple clutch.

Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch

Cardigan: Abercrombie and Fitch (similar here)

Shoes: Similar  here

IMG_1624 (3)IMG_1630 (1)IMG_1635 (1)IMG_1642 (1) (1)IMG_1646 (1)IMG_1651 (2)IMG_1654 (3)IMG_1654 (2) (1)

Look 3: Everyday

This is a great way to wear these funky pants if you want to make them casual and more everyday.  A white shirt looks great against the black, you can never go wrong with that combo! I love adding big accessories (like the necklace).  I chose small brown heels because they are simple and adding the brown makes the outfit cool and casual.

Shirt: Similar

Heels: Michael Kors (similar here)

IMG_1669IMG_1670IMG_1671IMG_1684IMG_1687 (12)IMG_1709

Hope you enjoyed these three looks! I know that looking at these pants can be intimidating and you may not think you can wear them but they can be styled to fit anyones preference! Try them out, they might surprise you!

3 thoughts on “Moto Leggings: 3 Ways to Style

  1. absolutely love the way you styled these leggings! and you look so gorgeous!! Can’t wait for more posts xx
    if you have the chance, please check out my latest post!! it’d mean a lot 🙂


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