Floral Maxi

Sorry I have been MIA, Houston and I have been enjoying the first week of our vacation! We made it to California and are now enjoying some time in Tahoe for the rest of the week. It’s been a great way for us to get some much needed time away from school!

One of my staples that I have worn a couple times already on this trip is this gorgeous dress.  I have been getting so many compliments on it, my sister wore it to work one day too and her whole office was in love! Why are we obsessed?  First off, the fabric is amazing.  It is stretchy and sleek and feels so comfortable, almost like a second skin. And the print is GORGEOUS! I love that it has the pops of color but is still sort of neutral so it makes a great everyday dress.  Plus I am a fan of dresses that I don’t have to adjust or layer to make modest, and this one is one you can throw on and go with because it isn’t too low cut!
I like making it more casual by adding some sandals (sparkly sandals, of course). You can totally add some cute strappy heels or wedges to make it dressier, I have just been embracing my California roots by keeping it casual!

I am also so excited to give you guys a discount code for anything on Liam’s Loft! This dress included! Use the code “THEBOTTLEBLONDEE15” for a 15% discount! Take advantage because they have some cute stuff on their website

Dress: Liam’s LoftIMG_1411IMG_1456IMG_1496 (8)IMG_1458IMG_1466IMG_1496 (5)IMG_1531 (7)IMG_1531 (2)IMG_1531

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