The Boho Peplum

Anyone else feel like they are still trying to recover from all of the 4th of July festivities?? Houston and I didn’t even do that much but still are feeling so drained! I guess that is just a side affect of the whole holiday spirit of things.  We really loved all of the 4th of July sales that were going on, Houston’s favorite shorts are from Old Navy (because they actually fit his athletic body type well without looking WAYYYY too baggy!) and they were on sale for $13 each! And I splurged a little at J. Crew…I guess its safe to say that the Wilfley’s love a good holiday sale!

This look is from Olive Ave and it is so cute and comfy! I love a good peplum with skinny jeans, it looks casual but adds a little bit of dressy-ness that I love.  I think this top is unique because it is a boho peasant top mixed with the trendy peplum making such a unique combo! The only bad part about it is that there was some wind when we were taking this picture and that made the shirt flow out into a circle making pictures a little more difficult! But we powered through and got some cute shots!

Shirt: Olive Ave

Pants: Olive Ave



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