Okay, it has been HOT HOT HOT in Rexburg this past week! After having it be freezing for the longest time I was convinced that Rexburg did not have proper summers but I was totally wrong.  I have been working on a little refinishing project on some nightstands that we have in our room and I swear I was going to melt into a little puddle when I was working on them outside! But I managed to push through it and love how they turned out.  I’m thinking a blog post on that soon?

So because it has been so warm I am bringing you a look that screams summer because it needs no layers.  I love dresses and skirts but I also like to rock pants in the summer too when the outfit is cool enough to beat the heat.  This shirt is perfect because it requires no tweaking or layering to make it modest, which is amazing for summer because layers just equals becoming a sweaty mess for me.  And it comes in two colors which is even better (or worse, you can not give me a ton of options because I am the most indecisive person!). White pants have been my go to this summer too, I just feel like they are a must!

Jeans: Olive Ave

Shirt: Olive Ave


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