DIY Halo Hair Extensions

I am so excited about today’s post because this has been my favorite DIY of all time.  I have been using clip in hair extensions for a couple years now and have never been super satisfied with them.  I have tried really great brands like Laced hair extensions but they just never felt comfortable and I was always worrying about them showing if there was even a small breeze.  I also had a bad experience with Laced hair because they color matched me but the extensions that were sent to me did not match my hair how I wanted them to (and I specifically bought them for my wedding!).  So needless to say I have been disappointed with extensions before.   Then I saw the Halo hair extensions, looked up some reviews, and fell in love.  They seemed like the answer to my prayers! But with the $300 price tag that dream quickly went away because that is not something I can splurge on right now.  I was discouraged for a while but then the thought of making my own came to me and I was excited all over again!  I looked up a ton of tutorials and created my very own halo extensions in about 10 minutes.  Trust me, this is not as difficult as it may seem and can cost under $130 (Mine cost $60!).

The extensions that I am using are the Milk and Blush hair extensions.  They have great quality hair for a great deal.  I wear the color Paparazzi (which matches my hair PERFECTLY!). Right now I only have the quad weft (which is four layers of hair) in the 16-18 inches (only $56). Because I don’t have thick hair this is totally fine for me right now.  I am planning on getting another quad weft in the 20-22 inches to make them longer and that will be around $66 for that weft.  That brings the total to about $122, 1/3 of the price of brand name halo extensions. If you have thicker hair then I would recommend getting two quad wefts. There are other brands that are cheaper that you could get to make it more cost effective, this is just the brand that I have really become attached to and trust! (Plus, this is the color that finally matches my hair!)      I have put a picture below of what the quad weft looks like, just so you can have an idea when I am going through the steps of how to make them halo.


The first step is to cut off the clips if your extensions have any.


The next step is to get a really thin fishing line.  The brand that I got is called OmniFlex and it is 10 lb. high strength line.  Really you can get any kind, this one is thin so the wire is not noticeable at all.  I think this was about $1 (I just got the cheapest one I saw!).  I first sewed the fishing line to one side of the extensions.  I make 4-6 stitches on the end of the extensions; this was a good amount to me to make sure that the wire is secure. (Picture above shows where the wire is sewn, aim for sewing it close to the edge and near the top of the weft.)

Then to see how long the wire needed to be for my whole head, I placed the extensions on the back of my head where I wanted them to ideally sit.  For me, I like them to sit halfway down my ears.  Then, I took the wire from where it was sewn on and placed it a couple inches back from my forehead where I wanted the wire to be sitting, and matched the other end to the other side of the extensions.  So right now you basically have your crown but one side is not sewn yet.  To make sure that it fit well, I only did 2 loose stitches and tested it out to see if it would fit comfortably. You then can make it loose or tighter based on how it feels.

Once you have your last side sewn on you are good to go! I was wearing mine after 10 minutes of work.  It is so comfortable, I can barely feel it when I am wearing it!  It also is really sturdy, I didn’t feel like it was going to fall out or that people were going to be able to see them or anything like that.  This really has been a lifesaver. I still want to try the actual Halo brand, but until then this is going to work just fine as a substitute.  If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment below! Here is what my wire looks like when it is sewn in.


Here are what mine look like when they are in.  They add just a bit of length, and they make my hair look a ton thicker, which is something that I need because I have thin hair that refuses to grow.




img_0784-6 (1)

5 thoughts on “DIY Halo Hair Extensions

    1. They are from Milk and Blush! I love them, they are great quality and have lasted a long time! I had the full set of extensions but it was just too much hair, the quad weft works perfectly for me 👌🏻


  1. This is a great solution to hair extensions! I’ve had two different sets, my first ones I loved from Bellami and the second ones were meh from a different company. I had to throw them out because they got so ratty and stringy after a few months and I only washed them once! I’ve been trying to figure out a more affordable way to get extensions and this is a great hack!

    P.S. I found your blog on Instagram! I went to BYU-I as well!


    1. Oh really?! I have heard mixed things about their extensions! Thank you! I seriously love the halo, it is so much more comfortable than clip ins!
      That is awesome! Thanks for checking the blog out, I’ll have to check yours out too! 💗💗💗


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