When I was little my mom would sometimes buy my sister and I the same outfits so that we could match, and when I was younger I just did not like it! I remember seeing a picture on Pinterest with the older sibling scowling and the younger sister beaming while wearing the same dress and I think that pretty much sums up how older and younger siblings view twinning.  Now , years later, I’m the one who doesn’t mind buying the same thing and my sister is the one who freaks out.  But we don’t even currently live in the same state, so it doesn’t matter that much, right? And who really would mind matching someone if you get to wear things like these cute scalloped shirts and moto jeans?  I wore these a couple posts back and was not kidding when I said I am now obsessed with these jeans!  If you are looking for a good pair of white jeans specifically then go try these because they are my favorite!

*Just as a note, even though I talked about my sister, this is just my cute friend Sam, my sister is living it up back home without me!

Shirt: Olive Ave

Jeans: Olive Ave

Photography: Inspire Me Video


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