Spring Ready Bedroom

One transition that I am currently going through is transitioning my little apartment from winter to spring.  I love neutral colors and this winter I really gravitated towards gray and silver for things like my duvet cover or throw pillows and blankets.  But now that it is spring I have been needing to update some of those things to be more colorful and warm to match my favorite season!  I have partnered with Crane and Canopy to share some of my favorite pieces to update your bedroom for the springtime.

I love a good white duvet cover to brighten up my bedroom.  I am more of a neutral kind of a girl so I paired it with this super cute sheet set that has just a hit of mint green on the scallops.  The pillows help to add a little bit more color without being too overbearing and I love a good throw blanket and couldn’t help to add some grey (it’s my favorite color to decorate with!) What would you choose out to update your room to be spring ready?

Duvet Cover     Mint Green Sheet Set      Throw      Blue Pillow       Grey Pillow



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