Review: FOREO Luna Play

This past month I had the opportunity to participate in the FOREO 10 day skin challenge and test out one of their newest products the LUNA Play.  This is their smallest facial cleansing brush in their line and was created to be the most compact and affordable option of the three brushes that they have created.

I had never tried anything like this before.  When I got this in the mail I was instantly a little hesitant and wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because it is VERY small, which, I know, is the whole point of the design.  But I wasn’t expecting something that was smaller than my palm!  When I tried using it for the first time it is a totally difference experience than using something like a Clarisonic.  First of all, in my opinion, it is not as powerful. When I was using the Luna Play it was really more of a gentle scrub rather than a deep scrubbing like what I normally get with the Clarisonic.  Second, it was REALLY small. Trying to get the right grip on it was the challenging part but once I figured out the right way to hold it things were really easy. Third, it was really simple to use and made my face washing routine a lot shorter.  Normally it takes me a couple minutes to wash my face, but with this it was a relatively quick wash and it was easy to put away because you can dry it off quickly and just shove it in a drawer! (Which Houston loves because I normally leave all my stuff out on the counter and it creates a mess.)

Overall I think that this is a great little device!  My top choices of use are for either traveling or if you want to test this kind of brush out.  The ONLY downside to this is that I prefer to feel like I am getting a deeper clean than this provides.  But, this is honestly perfect for when I am trying to pack lightly when going on a trip and still want more of a deep clean than just my hands or a wash cloth can provide. And with its $39 price tag if you have been wanting to try a sonic cleaning brush but don’t want to spend the $200 for the larger version, this is a great way to see if this kind of brush is right for you! Link to this brush is below.

Foreo Luna Play 

Just an FYI I have this in the hot pink color that is shown above but look at all of the cute colors they have! Pretty colors make everything better, am I right?!

(I wanted to include this image just to show you how small it is in real life!)


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