Yellow Cut Outs and Leather

Happy Monday! Anyone else get out today and watch the eclipse?? We all were able to take a look today at work and it was cooler than I expected! I was waiting for the sun to be fully covered and then realized that we in Sacramento were not going to have that happen for us…oh well!

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Love Kuza: The Black Maxi

Do you know those pieces of clothing where you try them on, fall in love, and want to just buy every piece in every print they offer? That is how I feel about this perfect summer maxi wrap dress. This is a true wrap with an adorable ruffle detail along the bottom of the skirt and fluttery sleeves, great details that really make it different from other plain maxi dresses! Like everything else from Love Kuza it is made of quality material that lasts forever! This is a piece that you will have for a long time and goes with everything. I have been wearing it to work a lot recently because it is dressy while still being extremely comfortable, you can’t go wrong! You can always dress it up and make it look different when you switch the heels up for wedges or something with a pop of color and when you change up the accessories!

I have linked the dress that I am wearing below as well as images of other things that I am LOVING right now on their site that you can check out too!

Maxi Dress: Love Kuza | Choker: Gems By Laura


Some pieces I am LOVING from them that are perfect for summer and expanding your closet!

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The Customizable Red Dress

And I am back! Graduating, moving, starting my new job, and moving again has made for a crazy life lately and I have let my blogging slack because of it. But I am back and ready to keep up with posting! What better way to kick off from my break then with this gorgeous red dress! I don’t think it is any secret that I love the color red and that I don’t mind standing out. This dress is such a perfect special occasion dress because it is made of great, thick material and can be dressed up so easily. 

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How To Wear A Metallic Skirt

My favorite time of year is when it starts to warm up and the sun starts to come out and you can be outside without wearing a jacket. What a great feeling! This day was so bright and pretty, the only thing I would have changed was how much wind there was, I was cursing mother nature this whole day because it was just not working with me! But I guess on the upside, it really helped to make this skirt come alive and show the amazing movement that it has!

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The Suede Mini Skirt

Can anyone else tell that I am a little obsessed with this body suit? I feel like I wear it every other day, its so great! I am a girl who could wear all black all day, everyday, I think that about half my closet consists of only black clothes. But I wanted to break that up a little with something that would turn more of a bland all black outfit into something a little more trendy and unique! I have seen so many of these cute suede mini skirts and needed to try it for myself! Since I don’t wear mini skirts I thought it went perfectly with a pair of soft leggings and, of course, my favorite bodysuit. This skirt is super soft and I love the button detailing down the front! It is a super easy piece that you can throw on with any look to spice it up. I also still am obsessed with choker so I had to add my favorite one on with this look 😉

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The Red Jumpsuit

Red has been my go to color lately, I think it is because I have been feeling a little bluesy with winter and red helps to perk me up.  You know how sometimes you wish you could just stay in your lounge clothes all day long because they are so comfy? Well this is the ultimate solution to that.

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So I have been obsessed with shopping online, I have been finding the best deals lately for clothes for Houston and I! Preparing for the winter by getting new jeans, sweaters, scarves, and other things has been really fun! One of my favorite places I haven’t really shopped at recently is Old Navy.  This outfit is super fun

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Floral Tunic

Where has the long weekend gone?! School starts back up next week for me and Houston and I am not looking forward to it! I only have two semesters left so I have to just keep telling myself that I can get through it. The only way I am getting through winter at this point is with a cute wardrobe! I am already breaking out my booties, coats, and scarves for the fall.  It is kind of exciting to start thinking about layering and fall clothes, I love the layering and have a cute pair of boots that I am excited to break in!

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DownEast Look 3

Looking back at this weekend I wish that it would have never ended! Last week was a tough week, Houston was working full time and still had school and it was hard for us to feel like we got everything we needed done.  Needless to say we were both a little stressed.  But on Friday we took some time for ourselves and went to a little fair in town.  It was the best date ever!

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