Sweater Weather and A Giveaway

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Hello hello! Welcome back! My mind is already on Spring and hopeful thinking that Idaho will have warm temperatures again (very wishful thinking on my part!) It has been FREEZING cold here with a whole week that was just -1 to -29 with windchill. It was so bad that one of our cars just refused to turn on so it was fun trying to use one car between the two of us for work and school but we made it through and when it finally warmed up to 20 degrees the car gave in and started for us. Needless to say its been a rough start of the semester for us! We are only on week two and I already want it to be over with! 

The Only Apple Watch Accessory You Need

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My big Christmas present from Houston this year was an Apple Watch. I never thought that I would own one of these but after hearing about how much my sister loved hers and reading more about it I wanted to give it a try. Best decision ever! I use it way more than I ever thought that I would.  I have a pair of wireless headphones and paired with the watch it makes working out, texting, and talking on the phone a breeze.

And with every new accessory you need accessories for your accessory. Do you follow? Let me introduce you to Bytten. They make accessories for the things you wear everyday, your Apple Watch, your Fitbit, your Jawbone, all things that could use a little spicing up! I love my watch but I wanted to make it match my personality more, to add a little bling to make it fun! My watch has the rose gold mini glam stack on. How cute does it look?! It adds such a fun touch and is truly one of a kind. You can even get other stacks and double or triple up to really bling out your watch! I don’t think that you can ever have enough bling, I am really tempted to get another stack so I can layer them up. And if you have a Fitbit they have a ton of really cute stacks that you can add to those too to really make them pop and look cute! These are one of a kind and make great gifts too if you know someone who could use a little sparkle in their lives!

Rose Gold Mini Stack: Bytten 


The Boyfriend Tee Styled Two Ways


These pictures were *obviously* not taken in icy Rexburg and looking back at them makes me miss home so much! These outfits were perfect for the sunny weather in Sacramento.

This is my favorite new go to shirt from Ava Rae Boutique because its a great stand out color and can be styled in so many different ways! Here I have styled it to be more dressy and paired with my favorite moto leggings for a more casual look. I love both!

LYTE Planner

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New year new you, right? I am so ready for the start of a new year!  Last semester I feel like I really got off track with my goals and am getting back to the place that I want to be.  I have tons of goals this year. Work out, eat healthy, journal, read my scriptures and pray more consistently, plan meals, and so many more things that I want to work on!

One of my biggest goals this year is to write things out and be a better planner. ¬†For me writing things down and making lists is so important because it keeps me accountable and organized! Plus, being able to mark things off on my lists makes me feel so good too. One of my new favorite tools to help me be better about this is my¬†LYTE planner, AKA my new bff. This planner has it all. One of its many amazing qualities is that each page is dedicated to a full day so I don’t feel like I have to skip writing things down because I don’t have enough space. I get to write down the tasks that I need to accomplish that day along with all of my homework assignments and still have room for more. Plus there also is a section for the meal plan for each day which is another big goal of mine! Another really special part of this planner is that it is all goal oriented and about “finding your truth.” I love this quote from their website that really sums up what sets their planners apart:

“The LYTE Planner is about defining who you truly want to be and how you really want to spend your time and building your life and schedule around those answers. The LYTE Planner starts with the “Truth Resolution” letter where you define who you want to be and what you want your year to look like. The LYTE Planner is also full of “Truth Prompts” which are one-of-a-kind journal pages that exist to help you nail down answers to the harder questions and prioritize the people and things that matter most to you. Each day in the LYTE Planner also starts with a “Truth Focus” which is there to keep you centered and focused every day no matter how crazy your schedule may get! Finally, the LYTE Planner has extras like a “Bucket List” and “Goals” sheet to keep you dreaming, discovering, and doing! More than anything, the LYTE Planner encourages you to live from your place of truth so you can create a life that you’re truly proud of.”

Who doesn’t want to live a life they love and are proud of?! I know that I do! And sometimes when we don’t feel like we are doing super great that can be hard and cause us to lose motivation (that was me the last couple of months!). ¬†But I know from experience that when we are doing the things that we are supposed to, when we are writing down our goals and dreams and working towards accomplishing them, that we are going to feel good about ourselves and have that motivation to keep going. ¬†The times that I have felt down¬†about myself have been the times when I have not been doing the things that I should be doing and I lost sight of the woman that I want to be. ¬†I wasn’t staying organized or working out or eating healthy. ¬†But when I made the choice to change the things that I wanted to change (like going to the gym and plan out healthy meals) I have felt so much better and had more motivation to set new goals.

I know that we all have goals and dreams and things that we want to accomplish. I also know that when we write these things down and look at them daily that we can really work towards them and accomplish whatever we put our minds to! Because we all want live our own truths everyday.

*LYTE planners are now on sale for only $32. Trust me, you will not regret buying this! We can all work on our goals and plan together ūüėČ

Planner and Accessories: c/o LYTE



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Happy Monday! Less than a week until Christmas! I have to admit that Christmas came for Houston and I a little early this year…we did a mini Christmas with just us yesterday before we make the drive to Sacramento to spend some time with our families. I really just could not wait any longer because I knew what was on my Christmas list and was just so eager to get it! It was a fun day, and even better now that we have a small break in-between semesters!¬†

Dark Days

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Winter is here and we have entered into what I fondly refer to as “the dark days” because I am not a snow lover (I probably mention this about 3 times a day) and when I can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt outside it is not good! Today’s look is a really cute, low key look that anyone can rock when it’s cold. ¬†I love this plaid shirt because it is short sleeved! So perfect for the summer (but waayyyy too cold to show you right now!) And of course I have to rock the moto jeggings again because they are the best. ¬†And these black ones are so great! As always details are below.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

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With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to put together a little stocking stuffer gift guide! These gifts are so great for stockings or when you need something cute for a friend that won’t break the bank. ¬†Check out my ideas below for some gifts that are sure to be a hit!



Time and time again I have talked about how much I love LipSense so of course it is number 1 on my guide! I love love love this stuff so much. ¬†This is my newest color in the shade Cranberry and it is perfect for those night outs when you want a bold lip that won’t smudge or fade. ¬†Great for Christmas and New Year’s too! Along with being the best product ever, you can also sign up to be a distributer¬†and get LipSense for wholesale prices! You can talk to Rachel from fit.n.lips about that if you are interested or have any questions! Her website is linked HERE.


Tarte Tareist Pro Palette

This one is the more pricy option but so worth the money. ¬†I mean check out those colors! I was a little hesitant about this one just because I wasn’t sure I would use all the colors but oh my gosh was I wrong. ¬†Looking up tutorials and inspiration on Pinterest has helped me to step up my makeup game! I love that it has a ton of matte colors, I feel like that look is just so in right now and it is easy to create a really gorgeous look that isn’t too over the top, you know?



Clothes are always a great option, especially when they are a great price and as cute as this one is! I scored this shirt for $13! I love the detailing on it, the little gold running through it just looks so pretty.  I have linked some shirts below that I think are super cute and are all under $15, perfect stocking stuffers!

Old Navy Plaid | Forever 21 | Pink Plaid



Jewelry can be hard to pick out for another person but these two top picks of mine are sure to wow anyone! I have talked about this choker before and so I wanted to add it in again because its so great for the trendy girl in your life! And the bracelets below are great for those who really love to accessorize and pack on the bling!

Choker: SoLayne Designs | Bracelets: Vigor Collective


Thread Wallet

And lastly I had to include a little something for the men in our lives.  This thread wallet is so great because you can throw it on your key chain and you are good to go! These muted, earthy colors are great for that special man in your life. img_4841

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