Stylish Clothes for Cheap: StyleWe


I know that we all want to have the latest styles and look super cute all year long, but it can be hard to do that when it you have a limited budget. But we want to be stylish! Well I have some good news, there is a website that lets you get all the latest styles for an extremly low price! StyleWe  is such a great website that has the latest styles for a steal of a deal! You can get a whole new wardrobe on a small budget and don’t have to feel guilty about it! You can get really cute short party dresses and swimwear 2017, right in time for summer! Check out some of my top picks below!

The Polka Dot Skirt


Only a short time until graduation! I still can not believe that I am almost done with college! I am so excited to move back to California and never have to look at another homework assignment again! But let me tell you, college went by so much quicker than high school, it’s crazy to me. Now I just have to get through finals week and finish packing up our apartment since we move the morning after we graduate! And pick out a cute graduation outfit 😉

How To Wear A Metallic Skirt


My favorite time of year is when it starts to warm up and the sun starts to come out and you can be outside without wearing a jacket. What a great feeling! This day was so bright and pretty, the only thing I would have changed was how much wind there was, I was cursing mother nature this whole day because it was just not working with me! But I guess on the upside, it really helped to make this skirt come alive and show the amazing movement that it has!

Making Life Easier: Square Cash


You ever have a time where you didn’t have cash but needed to give someone money? I am all about convenience and doing things in a quick and easy way. One of those things that I never think about but that always pops up is giving people money. I was recently introduced to Square Cash, the ridiculously easy app that lets you transfer money quickly and free! I am horrible about having cash on me and there are some situations where you need money quick and just don’t have it. The best part is that it is instantly deposited into your bank account, no waiting! Here are three ways that you can use Square Cash to easily transfer money to make those awkward no cash situations a thing of the past.

Spring Dresses


Another pink dress? I know, I know, but it is too pretty and perfect for spring! This is my last post about my favorite spring dresses and this one is so feminine and perfect for warm weather. Since it has been winter and I have lost whatever tan that I had last year, I knew that I needed something to cover up my painfully pale legs. These nude fishnets are such a fun alternative to regular tights, they just look so unique and girly! You all also know that I love a good pump, so these nude heels that I found for a steal at Nordstrom Rack were my go to shoe for this look to really tie everything together.

Dresses for Spring: The Nude Dress


I have really been trying to boost up my collection of dresses for spring because I feel like my closet is lacking a little bit in that area. I love being able to throw a cute dress on with some heels and call it good! It makes getting ready so much easier and quicker! This dress is a new favorite of mine because it is unlike anything else that I have in my closet. I love the nude color and that it is so flowy. Such a great piece to have in your closet for when it gets warmer! I added these fun cage heels and a pop of pink with my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse. Can you tell I am excited for summer?! Now all I need is a good tan!

The Retro Swing Dress: How to Wear It for Winter


I realized a little too late that I probably should have chosen a different background, one that didn’t match what I was wearing. Oops! Hindsight bias! I Really love this wall though, isn’t the pattern so cool? Next time I just need to wear a different color so I don’t blend in! But this swing dress really speaks for itself, amiright??

This retro swing dress is to die for.

How To Get The Hair Of Your Dreams: My Hair Extension Routine


It is no secret that I am a lover of gorgeous long locks! I have never been able to grow my hair out very long and it does grow it is too thin. So a couple of years ago I started to do my research and try out a ton of different brands to see what worked for me! Now I have a hair extension routine down that makes getting gorgeous hair take no time at all and gives me the hair of my dreams! It really is so easy and when you find the right brand that you love it makes things so much better!

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