Fresh Face Make Up and Lancome Review


I am a sucker for trying out different brands and different products all the time, I feel like I can never get enough of new products! Some I love and some I don’t, but it never hurts to try right? I recently received these products to try from Lancome and was really excited because I realized that I had never tried a Lancome product before! I feel like I have tried everything so I am happy that I was finally able to get some of their products and give you my honest review of each product I used!

Love Kuza: The Black Maxi


Do you know those pieces of clothing where you try them on, fall in love, and want to just buy every piece in every print they offer? That is how I feel about this perfect summer maxi wrap dress. This is a true wrap with an adorable ruffle detail along the bottom of the skirt and fluttery sleeves, great details that really make it different from other plain maxi dresses! Like everything else from Love Kuza it is made of quality material that lasts forever! This is a piece that you will have for a long time and goes with everything. I have been wearing it to work a lot recently because it is dressy while still being extremely comfortable, you can’t go wrong! You can always dress it up and make it look different when you switch the heels up for wedges or something with a pop of color and when you change up the accessories!

I have linked the dress that I am wearing below as well as images of other things that I am LOVING right now on their site that you can check out too!

Maxi Dress: Love Kuza | Choker: Gems By Laura


Some pieces I am LOVING from them that are perfect for summer and expanding your closet!

The Customizable Red Dress


And I am back! Graduating, moving, starting my new job, and moving again has made for a crazy life lately and I have let my blogging slack because of it. But I am back and ready to keep up with posting! What better way to kick off from my break then with this gorgeous red dress! I don’t think it is any secret that I love the color red and that I don’t mind standing out. This dress is such a perfect special occasion dress because it is made of great, thick material and can be dressed up so easily. 

The Bell Sleeve Blouse: How to Style This Trend


Even when it is raining in Sacramento it is still warm and my favorite place to be! This was my #sundaybest for church and when we got out it was totally pouring rain, but that was not going to stop us from getting pictures of this look! So under the overpass was the only dry place we could go to and still be able to find that little bit of light that we needed. Nothing was stopping me from capturing this bell sleeve look!

I am a total skirt and blouse kind of girl, especially when the blouse is so fun like this one is! Who doesn’t like to mix it up a little and find something that is super different from everything else in their closet?  I know that I do and I love the idea of being able to brand out from my comfort zone! This blouse is a perfect piece that goes with everything. I love that it is this cropped length because it pairs perfectly with a high waisted pencil skirt like this one. You can never go wrong with that combo! I even like to switch the skirt out for a pair of cute cut off jeans. Or some distressed shorts. Really the possibilities are endless! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get it on it when I wear it out, it has been a huge hit.

I also have been really working to build up my jewelry collection with pieces that I can wear all the time.  This neck party that I have been rocking has not come off since I have gotten the pieces! Chokers are great for layering and keeping on all the time! You really don’t need to add anything else, the delicate gold details speak for themselves.

Shirt: For Alles | Skirt: Similar | Necklace: Gems By Laura | Heels: Similar

White and Gold Sequin Glam


I am keeping it short and sweet today with this really pretty white and gold look! I love this color combo, to me it just looks so timeless and classy and chic (my husbands favorite word ;). Has anyone else seen those sequin pillows where one way they are sparkly and the other they are a different color? This shirt is exactly like that! You can either make it all gold or all white or something in the middle like I did. This shirt is also made of a super thick and luxe fabric, it is my new go to for when I want to add a little more everyday glamour! 

Stylish Clothes for Cheap: StyleWe


I know that we all want to have the latest styles and look super cute all year long, but it can be hard to do that when it you have a limited budget. But we want to be stylish! Well I have some good news, there is a website that lets you get all the latest styles for an extremly low price! StyleWe  is such a great website that has the latest styles for a steal of a deal! You can get a whole new wardrobe on a small budget and don’t have to feel guilty about it! You can get really cute short party dresses and swimwear 2017, right in time for summer! Check out some of my top picks below!

The Polka Dot Skirt


Only a short time until graduation! I still can not believe that I am almost done with college! I am so excited to move back to California and never have to look at another homework assignment again! But let me tell you, college went by so much quicker than high school, it’s crazy to me. Now I just have to get through finals week and finish packing up our apartment since we move the morning after we graduate! And pick out a cute graduation outfit 😉

How To Wear A Metallic Skirt


My favorite time of year is when it starts to warm up and the sun starts to come out and you can be outside without wearing a jacket. What a great feeling! This day was so bright and pretty, the only thing I would have changed was how much wind there was, I was cursing mother nature this whole day because it was just not working with me! But I guess on the upside, it really helped to make this skirt come alive and show the amazing movement that it has!

Making Life Easier: Square Cash


You ever have a time where you didn’t have cash but needed to give someone money? I am all about convenience and doing things in a quick and easy way. One of those things that I never think about but that always pops up is giving people money. I was recently introduced to Square Cash, the ridiculously easy app that lets you transfer money quickly and free! I am horrible about having cash on me and there are some situations where you need money quick and just don’t have it. The best part is that it is instantly deposited into your bank account, no waiting! Here are three ways that you can use Square Cash to easily transfer money to make those awkward no cash situations a thing of the past.

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