DIY T-Shirt


One of my staples this week has been this super cute beach shirt that I actually made myself! I had such a fun time getting to design my own shirt with Uber Prints, I honestly was not sure that I could do it when they first approached me about trying it out but the process was surprisingly simple!

I am no designer and was totally intimidated. But after a good long Pinterest session looking at some inspiration and talking to my mom and sister I finally was able to sit down and play around with the website and come up with this finished product! While it may seem to be intimidating at first once you get ideas (like off of Pinterest or your favorite stores!) it gets so easy.  I was not brave enough to try out clip art or anything fancy this time, but I for sure would check it out next time!

I love the beach, I love warm weather, and I love this color! Doesn’t it just brighten your day seeing this amazing bright blue? I am a total California girl through and through so this shirt totally speaks to me!

If you want to design your own shirt I highly recommend going to Uber Prints! Super fast service and like I said before, it is way easier than you think and you get to choose exactly what you want! It is perfect to make bridal party shirts, business shirts, best friend shirts, or just to make something you have always wanted to have! And I tell everyone that I designed it because who wouldn’t want to brag about creating something super cute!

Hope you all have a great week!

Shirt: c/o Uber Prints


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