Trumpet Skirt and Black Floral


Sacramento summers can get pretty hot so my summer wardrobe has mainly consisted of skirts, fun tops, and strappy heels so that I can stay somewhat cool during these hot months! I love trying new shapes and this trumpet skirt is totally new to me, I have nothing like it. I love that this fabric is super thick but stretchy at the same time, it helps to keep its shape close to your body which is ultra flattering!

I have been loving the small details that a key hole at the neck can offer, I don’t need to put on a necklace because the cut out already adds so much detail! I wanted to keep things pretty simple so I love that this floral print is large and has the black background, just enough detail to make this look stand out! Oh and I can’t forget my new favorite pair of heels that were a steal for under $40. Thank you Macy’s clearance sales! The pair linked below are a little more blingy but would be such a fun statement shoe for any closet!

New pieces that you haven’t tried before can be a little scary to try out but in my opinion, being adventurous is a great way to find your new favorite pieces. The skirt that I linked below is on sale right now for only $13 and is an exact copy of the skirt that I am wearing here! And it is stocked in all sizes too!

Skirt: Similar | Shirt: (In White, SO Cute!) Here | Shoes: Similar | Purse: Similar

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