Fresh Face Make Up and Lancome Review


I am a sucker for trying out different brands and different products all the time, I feel like I can never get enough of new products! Some I love and some I don’t, but it never hurts to try right? I recently received these products to try from Lancome and was really excited because I realized that I had never tried a Lancome product before! I feel like I have tried everything so I am happy that I was finally able to get some of their products and give you my honest review of each product I used!

For this post I used their stick foundation (I have been obsessed with stick foundations recently!), their ultra wear concealer, click and glow highlighter, and their Le Metalique lipgloss. I have each step listed out below as well as the other products that I used for bronzer and blush and eye make up too!

Step 1: So I always like to prep my skin with a good moisturizer and primer. I use the primer from Too Faced called Primed and Porless. It is super smooth and feels like it just glides over the skin so nicely! Next I used the concealer to conceal the darkness under my eyes, redness around and on my nose, as well as cover up some blemishes on my forehead. This stuff is extremely thick! So if you like a thick concealer this one is for you! I would not recommend it for brightening the under eye or anything but it does a great job at staying put throughout the day and covering what you need it to. Overall it really is a great concealer and does a really good job at camouflaging what you want!

Step 2: Next I took the stick foundation and just put two lines on both cheeks, a line on my forehead, chin and nose. If you haven’t used a stick foundation before then let me tell you that a little goes a long way with this stuff. You only need do a couple of stripes on your skin and you will be totally fine! This foundation is extremely matte, so be sure that hydrate your skin really well! With that being said, I don’t think that it made the patches of dry skin that I have stand out even more. You can see in the image below how my skin looks right after blending it out. This honestly is one of my new favorite foundations!  It has great coverage and if you wanted to go for a more full coverage look you could totally swipe some more on. I would say that it is medium to full coverage. I don’t have a lot of problems with my skin but I do have redness and currently some breakouts that I wanted to cover and this did just that beautifully.

Step 3: Next I went ahead and put on my bronzer and blush. I recently have not been feeling like doing the super dramatic contour and so bronzing has been my new go to. I use the Chanel Tan de Soiel and love it! It lasts forever and gives a really beautiful glow without being too dramatic or chiseled. I use the Tarte blush palette as well all the time, it has some gorgeous colors and all of them are in one place, it makes my makeup way easier to organize.

Step 4: Now it is time to add a little highlight. I haven’t ever used a highlighter like this before, you click the bottom and it will push liquid highlight out onto a little pad. I added 3-4 dots of the highlighter on my cheek bones and used my fingers to blend it out. I tried to use the end of the highlighter where the product was coming from but it just didn’t work, it looked a little too splotchy for me. It has a really nice glow and lasted all day!

Step 5: Next I went ahead and added just a soft brown to my lids and used Better Than Sex mascara on my lashes for a really simple, fresh look.

Step 6: Then I topped my lips off with the lip lacquer. This stuff is super super SUPER thick. I still am not sure how I feel about the formula but the color was a great nude shimmer that wan’t too overpowering. Again, this look is fresh and simple so the color was perfect. While I loved the color the formula was just a little too much for me, it made everything stick to my lips! I understand that with gloss and stuff that it is inevitable to have things stick but this was really a little too much for me!

And here is the final before and after look! I have my eyebrows microbladed so I didn’t have to do them but if you have light eyebrows don’t forget to fill them in with some powder to really make your look stand out and look put together! I am super super happy with the Lancome products, the foundation just looked flawless and everything lasted all day long, through work, classes, homework, cooking, everything, it stayed put! The only product that I was not crazy about was the lip lacquer just because it was a little too sticky for my liking. This look is great for the spring as great for when you are short on time and need a quick make up routine for looking fresh and awake!

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