Making Life Easier: Square Cash


You ever have a time where you didn’t have cash but needed to give someone money? I am all about convenience and doing things in a quick and easy way. One of those things that I never think about but that always pops up is giving people money. I was recently introduced to Square Cash, the ridiculously easy app that lets you transfer money quickly and free! I am horrible about having cash on me and there are some situations where you need money quick and just don’t have it. The best part is that it is instantly deposited into your bank account, no waiting! Here are three ways that you can use Square Cash to easily transfer money to make those awkward no cash situations a thing of the past.

  1. Splitting the check. Going to brunch with some friends? Sometimes you don’t always have the option to get separate checks and not everyone carries cash around with them to split the check evenly. You can quickly give your friend your part by transferring them money from the Square Cash app.
  2. Gifting. I know that for me, I always give gifts with my sister to our parents or siblings, double the income means a higher budget for better gifts right? Now I have no excuse to take forever paying my sister back when she buys the gift and vise versa.
  3. Giving the gift of green. It also makes giving cash so much easier! Sometimes people just want the gift of cash, it makes it so easy to use it the way you want. Square Cash makes it simple and quick to get that gift into their hands without the hassle of going to the bank and pulling out money or trying to find a check.

Do these situations ever happen to you? I know that I am going to be prepared from now on because I have Square Cash with my on my phone all the time. No more excuses and no more owing people money! You can check out the Square Cash app here and download it for free today!



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