The Retro Swing Dress: How to Wear It for Winter


I realized a little too late that I probably should have chosen a different background, one that didn’t match what I was wearing. Oops! Hindsight bias! I Really love this wall though, isn’t the pattern so cool? Next time I just need to wear a different color so I don’t blend in! But this swing dress really speaks for itself, amiright??

This retro swing dress is to die for. Rexburg teased us by clearing up all the snow and making it sunny, then dumping just as much snow on us again. So boots, leggings, and dresses have been my go to for a warm, pretty look. I wore a shirt that was this print in my engagement pictures (thanks mom!) so when I saw the pattern I knew that I had to have it! The cut is so fun and flattering and moves a ton when you are walking. It comes to about mid thigh on me, perfect for pairing with OTK boots!

This is another great transition piece for Spring too. You can pop on a pair of wedges with it and you have an easy breezy summer look right there! I plan on wearing this dress all year long since it is so versatile. And there are so many other patterns to choose from too, I will link the page below!

Dress: c/o Love Kuza | OTK Boots: Similar | Necklace: Similar (50% off!)

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