How To Get The Hair Of Your Dreams: My Hair Extension Routine


It is no secret that I am a lover of gorgeous long locks! I have never been able to grow my hair out very long and it does grow it is too thin. So a couple of years ago I started to do my research and try out a ton of different brands to see what worked for me! Now I have a hair extension routine down that makes getting gorgeous hair take no time at all and gives me the hair of my dreams! It really is so easy and when you find the right brand that you love it makes things so much better!

I have recently found Chica’s Locks and am totally converted to their brand! I have tried 4 or 5 different brands but they are by far my favorite. The hair is thick from top to bottom and are silky smooth and so soft. I also really love that the color actually matches my hair, that has been a struggle for me these past couple of years! When you are looking for a brand, make sure that they are real hair, don’t try out synthetic hair!

This hair can be styled anyway you want it, my favorite way is to curl them because with my hair they blend really well when I have my hair curly (which is most of the time because I prefer curly hair). When I put the hair in I normally will put three wefts on the back and then add the one clip wefts to the front since my hair is kind of thin. When I really want to pump up the volume if I am going out or something then I will put all the wefts in. Below you can see the before and after of my hair when I don’t use all my wefts (more of my day to day hair). What a difference right?! You will not regret getting extensions, even if you have long hair you can pump up the volume and really get that voluminous look that everyone wants!

The color that I am wearing is Ash Blonde. Check out Chicas Locks for affordable and high quality extensions! You will love the results that you get from wearing them!


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