Valentine's Day (or Date Night) Look: The Pink Look


I love a good all pink look, like you have probably heard before pink is a favorite of mine and so I try to wear it as often as I can! I love how bold and bright this one is with the cool patterns all over it, it is such a unique piece to have in your closet! I decided to go with soft make up for this one and a light pink lip to compliment this look.

Dress: Venus (On sale for under $25!)


  1. You are going to start off with a soft brow color and work that over the lid and up into the crease.
  2. Then you are going to take a darker brown and just work that into your crease with a fluffy brush to blend everything out.
  3. You are then going to take a flat brush and line your eyes with a black powder and top off with your fav mascara!
  4. Lastly you are going to take the color “Luv It” and apply three layers and top off with glossy gloss.

I wanted a soft brown eye for this look because I love an easy go to brown eye! This lip color is also a great everyday pink color that is bright enough to be noticed but not be too flashy. Check out details below!

Lipsense: Killer Lips by Kristine | Eye Shadow Palette: Tateist Pro

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