The Care and Keeping of Flowers: 5 Ways To Make Your Blooms Last


I love the month of February because it is all about love. It gives me a chance to reflect on my sweet husband and show him a little more how much I appreciate all that he does for me and our marriage! We switch off giving each other an awesome Valentine’s Day each year and this year it is my turn to plan the day out so I am really excited to spoil him with some of his favorite things!

One way that I have been spoiled this year for Valentine’s Day is with this goreous bouquet from 1-800-Flowers. I have never been a girl who loves flowers, I would rather have something that lasts longer than that. Like jewelry, or make up, or clothes…you know, the good stuff 😉 But this year 1-800-Flowers really impressed me! Not only were my flowers delivered right to my door (to my surprise) but they have been lasting for FOREVER! Seriously, these things lasted longer than my succulent that I over watered from my wedding (who knew you could drown a plant??) And not to mention the whole thing is pink, how can you not love that?!

I love carnations and the way that they smell and they have been super potent in our little apartment. Houston always comments on how he can smell the flowers from across the room – I love that!  And I love the fun touch that they add to our small apartment. So I wanted to share with you my favorite (and proven!) tricks and tips for helping to keep your flowers fresh longer! Read through my tips below! I also wanted to mention that is running a promotion for the month of February where you can get 20% off your order? You can cash in on this offer and see what gorgeous arrangements they have when you click my link to their website below! This is a super easy and convenient gift to give your own special someone in your life. You don’t have to do more than click order online! The hardest part was choosing one of their gorgeous arrangements!

How To Make Your Flowers Last

  1. Aspirin: One trick to long lasting blooms is to put one aspirin in the vase full of water a day to keep your flowers looking fresh and lasting longer!
  2. Trim the stems. Whenever you add more water to your vase you should also be cutting off a small part of the stems because anytime they are out of water they dry up a little and made it harder to soak up the water they need. (Trim at a 45 degree angle!)
  3. Place the flowers in a spot that isn’t too warm. Warmer air means that the flowers will wilt longer so keep them away from the heater!
  4. Make sure the vase you are using is extra clean! A dirty vase that is filled with bacteria is the worst enemy to flowers.
  5. Use warm water. I had never heard of this one before but the idea behind it is that the flowers take up warm water more readily than cold.

Have you tried any of these tricks to make your flowers last longer? What tricks work for you the best?

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