All We Need Is L.O.V.E (Sweater)


I keep praying for Spring and getting snow, I think that I need to change my thinking around so that all the snow can hurry up and melt away! It keeps snowing and I am 110% done with it! The only good thing about it is that I get to wear cute sweaters and my OTK boots that I have been wearing non-stop since I got them on Christmas break. Best $20 Nordstrom Rack find ever! I know that you really have to be in the mood to search when you are there but it is totally worth all the searching in the end when you find a deal like this.

I am a lover of love and don’t mind shouting it to the world! Love is the best and being able to wear it around all the time is even better for me! What a perfect sweater for Valentine’s day too, am I right?? Of course I am! 😉 This is a new arrival at Blondie’s Boutique and is just perfect for February. I love wearing it with the cool girl leather jacket and OTK boots, the gold is a great POP for this look. Snag one now for your perfect Valentines Day look!

Sweater: Blondie’s Boutique | Jeans: Here | OTK Boots: Similar (under $50 too!) | Jacket: Similar (faux leather version)


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